Sunset 39 Years
General Information
  • Country / City 43210 Higginbotham Rd, Perryville, AR 72126, USA
  • Nationality American
  • Gender Female
  • Language English, German
  • Height 185 cm
  • Body Type Curvy
  • Hair Brown
  • Looking For Friends, Adventure, Soulmate, Job
  • Wants to Visit (Germany), (Turkey), (Australia), (United Kingdom), (Kuwait City, Kuwait), (Dublin, Ireland), (Dubai - United Arab Emirates)
About me
I'm very opened minded and always willing to hear everyone's opinion about any subject. I have a huge sense of humor and I'm a type of lady that loves to laugh, tell jokes and yes I can take jokes also. I also enjoy going to new places just to give it a try and if its the same place then I will try something new at the place such as a restaurant. If a restaurant has some odd or unique to try then then I'm going to try it. I enjoy going to Comedy Clubs, Restaurant, Clubs, Lounge, Movies especially IMAX Teacher, Broadway Shows, etc....and especially friends and family gathering. I'm into health and nutrition and eat Organic Food but always down to eat pizza, burgers and fried food. My friends and family will best describe me as being a great and loyal person and always joking around. At least I believe so. Lol. I am hoping to meet with someone who’s sincere and honest+ serious about their need... here write me about you. Hoping to read from you soon.
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