Val 24 Years
General Information
  • Country / City -
  • Nationality Not Set
  • Gender Female
  • Language English, Russian, Ukrainian
  • Height 162 cm
  • Body Type Curvy
  • Hair Black
  • Looking For Soulmate
  • Wants to Visit (United Arab Emirates), (United States), (Qatar), (Kuwait City, Kuwait), (Oman), (Sweden), (Thailand)
About me
My name is Valentyna. I am a young and energetic, joyful, tender and real young woman. In no way a photoshopped doll from a magazine, but a real girl from this world looking for her love. I am a lady who enjoys simple things – a cup of hot chocolate when it is cold in the evening, nice music or nice movie, or time with my friends and family. I find my own ways to be happy and I use them all the time. And all my friends know that I am that lady who will help anyone and always. I am not a party-lover but at the same time I am not stuck sitting at home - just a normal person with various interests. My eyes like a lagoon near the shore of a beautiful, quiet island called Love. I'm burning girl  with a great desire to live.. I have a lot of interests and how i spend my day ,  I like to sing, especially in the bathroom, in the mornings, but, unfortunately, I can’t say that my neighbors approve that. I am sure you are smiling now, right? I like going to the cinema on the weekends or I prefer outdoor activities like bicycling, swimming, riding horses, walking somewhere in the woods or simply visiting my fitness-center. because i am into sports , i love  looking sexy )) and to TRAVEL  and see the good things of the world  n my past relationship , have been full of lies and deceit m y Ex always cheated on me aytime i am out of town for business or sports activities,i t made me lose my trust in men , but after some time of been alone and y friends persuasion , i decided to give love one more chance or trail as you can say I need someone who knows how to enjoy life, with whom all bright palette of our lives will warm us and shine with iridescent colors! I want to find a man who will complement me, help me reach the ideal ! And what do you think? 
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