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I'm unable to log in.
Please check if you have cookies activated in your browser. Also, try to use the password reminder in case of a typo (mistake). Click on the ''Forgot your password?'' option on the main page when you are about to log in. We recommend to use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers as well. Please contact the site administrator if you are still experiencing this problem.
Forgot password.
Please use the password reminder. Click on the "Forgot Password?" option on the main page when you are about to log in.
How can I delete my profile?
Please send us an email to delete your account.
I can’t upload a picture.
The uploaded image file format must be jpg, png and the maximum size is 6 MB. It's not possible to upload a photo from iPad or iPhone. Please contact the site administrator If you are sill experiencing problems uploading the pictures.
How many pictures can I add to my profile?
You can add 25 pictures to your profile.
What is the aim/purpose of this site?
Our goal is to connect people with a passion for travel from all around the world. Most of them seek a traveling partner and exchange their traveling experiences while others look for a job or specific adventures. Usually girls expect to travel but sometimes they expect foreign travelers to visit to their country. We recommend to communicate with members individually to find out what they are looking for.
How to block a member?
You can block a member by clicking block member from member profile. Please use it if you don't want to continue talking to a member.
I noticed my profile has been modified without my knowledge
We modify one's profile only when our rules are not respected. We also care about the site's general image.
Do you have any emails, information or feedback about the girls and men who have been traveling on your site?
We get positive feedback and the travels are happening all the time, but we do not collect emails or specific feedback from our members in particular section. If you read the "Travel tips" and arrange the trip carefully, everything should definitely be alright.
How can I change my main photo?
Go to "My Photos" and click make profile photo icon. Then your profile image will be updated.

What is Invite Me?

To travel the different places all around the world, to have new excitements and to feel different emotions are always pleasant... If you want to feel all that
kind of emotions, 'Invite Me' is a project which offers you that. You can make contacts with the people who live in that country before going there.

Also before your trip, you can get more information about the place and the person who is going to meet in that country. For further features, please register
to be a member. We are looking forward you to be our member of 'Invite Me' community.